Electronic Differences

*Electronic type does not change the quality of the hilt*

Xenopixel, Base Lit, and Proffie sabers are all different types of sabers with varying features and technologies:


  1. Base Lit Sabers: These sabers, also known as in-hilt LED sabers, rely on LEDs mounted within the hilt to illuminate a polycarbonate blade. Base Lit sabers have fewer customization options compared to Xenopixel and Proffie sabers but are more affordable. They offer every color, smooth swing, flash on clash, and blade effects but lack the advanced features of Neopixel sabers.
  2. Xenopixel Sabers utilize Neopixel blade technology, featuring high-quality LEDs and a diffusing material for a smooth and realistic appearance. They offer customizable features, including blade effectsall colors, and 34 pre-installed sound options, renowned for vibrant and life-like effects. Ideal for those seeking an authentic saber experience without computer programming, Xenopixel sabers come pre-installed with everything needed, with easy customization with our dedicated app: "Xeno Configurator" accessible with Bluetooth and a phone. Offering the best value for the price-to-quality ratio, they're a top choice for those seeking performance without breaking the bank.
  3. Proffie Sabers incorporate the advanced "proffie board," renowned as the best available, with a Neopixel blade similar to Xenopixel. Proffieboard allows extensive customization of sound and blade effects. Highly sought after for their advanced features and customizable options, Proffie Sabers is a great choice for enthusiasts who want the best. If extensive programming isn't part of your plan, Xenopixel closely resembles Proffie with minimal quality differences, and comes with all effects installed for you, offering a great alternative. However, each option boasts remarkable qualities, and varies on what you're looking for.


In summary, Xenopixel sabers stand out as the top choice, emphasizing realism with numerous pre-installed high-quality effects, Base Lit sabers provide a wallet-friendly option with fewer features, making them a good choice for dueling, and Proffie Neopixel sabers provide advanced customization and technology for enthusiasts. Your choice would depend on your preferences for features, budget, and desired level of customization.