We Do Accept Returns/Exchanges

If the product is faulty or broken when arrived we do accept exchanges up to 1 year(365 days) after the arrival date, also after contacting us, we’ll likely set up to send you parts to fix your saber instead of returning/exchanging it completely.

95% of product problems are fixable or basic glitches in the saber that we are happy to help if you message our customer service /Instagram/Email/Contact Box (All Social Links are on our site under Socials)

We do NOT recommend programming our Sabers (Personal Choice)

We also do NOT recommend completely taking the Saber apart unless we tell you to for troubleshooting, both of these choices will end in the warranty being voided.

If the customer breaks the saber you can contact us and we'd happily help you, but we do not accept returns, exchanges, or parts sent to you on your doings.

There is a returning fee (Shipping Fee) Please contact us and tell us more information if anything goes wrong.

Any custom programming will VOID the warranty & will make it impossible to be returned, although we still offer customer service for help.

If you have any issues and are contacting us Please send pictures, videos, and give us information so we can assist you and give us Proof of the problem so we can allow a return, exchange, or send you correct parts to help fix your saber.

Thank you for your potential purchase and enjoy!